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IP Camera::

IP cameras, or IP Network Cameras, or Internet Cameras, whatever terminology is used are essentially this: a camera which can be viewed and managed over IP networks.
it can be operated independently of any controlling PC (unlike a basic webcam, though IP cameras can be used as webcams, but in a different way). IP cameras donít need a direct connection to a PC or any other hardware or software to capture and/or transfer images or live video. They operate as stand-alone units and need only a connection to an IP network by wired or wireless means. It is a camera and a computer combined into one single, intelligent unit.

Simply connect a network camera (or video server that is attached to an analog camera) directly to a computer network by wired or wireless means, and youíll have access to live video streams directly from the desktop on any PC in the world with the use of a standard Web browser (though some cameras do not fully support browsers other than Internet Explorer) on a local area network or from any location in the world via the Internet.

Images can be stored either on the hard disks connected to a PC or a dedicated storage server on the network - even across the Internet. With Power over Ethernet, you have the option of using the same Ethernet cable both for data as well as for power. This single feature makes it installation of these products a no-brainer since an electrician is not required and the network video camera is able to operate even when there is a power failure.

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