At we offer a range of services to meet all of your e-business needs, from professional web site design, strategic development and online marketing initiatives, to comprehensive web hosting packages that allow your site to grow as your business expands.

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Web Design::
Offering professional web design services for your businesses and that can be administered in-house or by our team. Please click here for more details on our web design services.
Web Hosting::
We offer a full range of Internet hosting services, from shared hosting accounts to complete dedicated server solutions. Prices start at 150$ per month. Our hosting accounts boast many features that allow for the growth and success of your online venture. Please click here for more information and pricing detail.
Web Marketing::
We can help you with your marketing initiatives, both online and off. We assist our clients with strategic development planning, partnership initiatives and full-scale search engine campaign efforts. Please click here for more information.
E- Commerce::
For businesses looking to sell products or services over the web, requiring convenient E-Commerce Shopping Cart Capabilities for their site, Web Middle can implement a proprietary, cost-effective, e-commerce system to meet your needs. Please click here for more information.
Web Maintenance::
Once your website is up and running, you will need to maintain it to keep the information current, to keep people returning to your site. Please click here for more information.
Web Documents and Multimedia Presentation::
Carry all those heavy company manuals around on one CD! We can convert your existing company documentation into a Web Document System. Slot the CD into a computer, open your browser and start reading! Please click here for more information.
Our telephony solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. It offers both classical PBX functionality and advanced features,and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems.
IP Camera::
IP cameras, or IP Network Cameras, or Internet Cameras, whatever terminology is used are essentially this: a camera which can be viewed and managed over IP networks..

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