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Web Documents and Multimedia Presentation ::

Carry all those heavy company manuals around on one CD!
We can convert your existing company documentation into a Web Document System. Slot the CD into a computer, open your browser and start reading!

  What is a Web Document System?
Its actually a website, running off a CD, instead of a web server. You open up your browser, and open the "Homepage" of your Document System.
  It is easy to access Information
From the homepage you can go to any chapter or page of your documentation. Since all the documents are linked via menus, it is easy to find what you want. Just click on a topic and go straight to the information you want, without having to browse through hundreds of (paper) pages.
  It's Portable
We put the whole system onto a CD, so you can carry all your company procedures home, if you wish. Also, less valuable space is used up at the office. If you're a Franchisor, you can distribute Standard Operating procedures or manuals to your franchisees in an efficient and professional manner.
  It's Economical
Whenever you update your documentation, you don't have to print out and add in sections to different manuals, or worse, reprint the lot. Just cut a new CD, which costs a lot less and doesn't use up our forests.
  Pricing for a Web Documentation System
We price our work based on the number of hours required for the base design and the number of pages in the Document System, as well as the number of CDs you require. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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